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Our Life

Shattering the Silence

Julia Deanna and Masha
yes its us three
!, a theme song, annie (the non-human version), aqua bats, avril levigne, avril levigne 2, bagels and cream cheese, becca ferdman, being british, being colorblind, being italian, blinses, brisket, burritos, camp ferdman, central perk, champaigne, cheesecake factory, choc.chip ice cream, chrismikah, coffee bean, color me mine, cooking network, corn dogs, david frankel, daydreaming, dessert time, e!, echo and the bunneymen, enchilada, ewww old ppl!, extra caffeine boost, family, food!, friends, furry/fuzzy things, gavin dugraw, gilmore girls, grampa, incubus, insane asylum, islands, jamocca almond fudge, jeremiah the bull-frog, kim frankel, lake placid, law and order svu, magazines, making matzah balls, mariokart, maroon 5, mir singing about dessert, miriam ferdman, mixed cds, mtv, music videos, not the beach, orange delight, passover, phantom planet, pico, platipusses, playing the triangle, reeses cups, sam ferdman, sharks, ska, sleeping, square dancing, starbucks, taco bell, take-out food, the 5 stooges, the gym, the oc, thinking of interests, turtles, u ppl!, will & grace